Science You Can See Summer Camp Results- Summer 2012

Week#1: Intro to Smart Lighting and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

In the first week,  middle and high school students spent the morning sessions (9am until 12pm) going over the first 5 laboratory experiments (labs 1 to 5) with various experiments related to optics and communications designed by  Boston University (BU). Since some of the students were from middle school while others from high school, the instructors covered different portions of each lab depending on the difficulty level and the age group of the students.

During the afternoon sessions (1:30pm to 4:30pm), the students learned about UAVs. They worked together in groups of 5 students to put together 4 quadcopters from scratch. The X525 quadcopters were purchased using donations from ISTEMS. They also got the chance to learn about Electrical Engineering concepts including the use of resistors, capacitors, and soldering to put together the UAV.  Although the quad-copters were very challenging to control and fly in one week, the students really enjoyed putting them together.

The pictures below show the students working on their BU Labs