Science You Can See Summer Program Results- Summer 2015

Th Middle and High School students that participated in the SYCS Summer program had an AMAZING experience in 2015 !!!

They were able to build smart houses, program robots, and fly UAVs, etc…
They also presented their work to 60 students and around 20 faculty members and guests from the Maryland Space Grant Consortium during  the School of Engineering Research Symposium held on July  30th 2015.

I want to send my SPECIAL THANK YOU to our instructor Mr. Andre Lewis and ALL his support staff made up of undergraduate and graduate Electrical Engineering students from the School of Engineering of Morgan State University.

Click on the link below to see an overview of our results from 2015.

SYCS Summer Program Final Overview for 2015-Short Vers3.

I hope that your child can join use next year !!!!