Improving Engineering Education in Ethiopia and Africa

I served  as the Co-Chair for a two day conference  in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, September 17-18 2015 that was jointly organized by the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) in collaboration with the African Engineering Deans Council (AEDC) and hosted by the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (AAiT) and its partner universities.  Click on this link to read a short summary about the two day summit . 

I worked with my colleague Dr. Zelalem Temesgen (M.D.) from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota USA to organize a two day workshop in Addis Ababa Ethiopia in April 29-30, 2015 under the theme: “Service Science Innovation in Medical Education,” that was hosted by Bahir Dar University.  We are exploring different ways of using service science as an enabler to tackle one of the  Grand Challenge problems in eHealthSelect this link to read more about the workshop.

Select the link below to read about our current work with five universities in Ethiopia to improve Engineering Education throughout country.

  •  Pictures from visit to AAiT- May 9 2014. We are collaborating by using state of the art and inexpensive wireless communication technology  called “Dragino” nodes to develop applications for DBU’s “Aquaponis (soilless agriculture)” project.
  • We have been working with the electrical and computer engineering department (ECE) of 5 universities  in Ethiopia since 2009 by helping them  adopt the new Experimental-Centric approach to ECE education that focuses on hands-on applications using state of the art inexpensive and portable laboratory technology and innovative pedagogy. Please read the short report below to get more information about our work.  Students from 5 universities in Ethiopia using the Mobile Studio Technology -Report June 2013

Select the link below to read about our work from the conference in Lagos Nigeria to improve Engineering Education throughout Africa.

  • Here are some pictures from the 5th African Regional Conference on Engineering Education (ARCEE) Conference in Lagos, Nigeria September 9-12, 2013

Opening Session of ARCEE 2013 Conference

Prof. Hoyer of IFEES making his presentation

Presenting my workshop at ARCEE 2013

Audience that attended my workshop

With my good friend Prof Hoyer

With Engineering Dean Bob Bishop of Marquette University

With Engineering Dean Darryll Pines of Univ of Maryland at College Park

With Engineering Dean Sam Mukasa of the University of New Hampshire

With Engineering Dean Gary May of Georgia Tech.

With Dean Pines, Mr. Bruk Berhane of UMCP and a colleague from UniLag

With Prof Duncan Fraser from the Univ of South Africa in Cape Town

With Prof. Henk, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Central Univ. of Technology in South Africa

With Colleagues from South Africa, Cameroon, and Nigeria

First meeting of the African Engineering Dean's Council

Donating ECE laboratory equipment to African Engineering Deans

Having dinner at the UniLag staff lounge

With Prof. Falade of UniLag and Prof. Henk from South Africa

ARCEE Conference Gala and Dinner

ARCEE Conference Gala and Dinner

ARCEE Conference Gala and Dinner

With UniLag Student Volunteers